The pillars of society

27 Sep

Democracy, welfare, liberty and independence. Is this the foundation of society? If these ideas are implemented, will everyone be happy? I agree, that it sounds great, but I’ve grown to have a different perspective on how society ideally should work. There is something lacking in our political structure, something crucial, something that’s been important for humans for thousands of years, but are gradually being eliminated. Behind the success of ideas like liberalism, democracy, capitalism stands the element of human execution, and any system will fail if the morals and ethics are not good, yet with right morals it would work. And who is it that teaches the morals?

I find it ironic that these parents these days it seem to call for the government to act, so their children will learn all these things. If you ask me, this is turning the pillars of society on the head. The missing pillar above is the family, and it’s not as if one of the pillars are there for the other ones to lean on, but rather that they should work together. It’s time for people to take politics in their own hands again. It’s time for parents to take charge of raising their children and contributing to the schools lesson plans. This leads me to the other problem with the pillars which is independence and liberty. We have to realize that we’re interdependent, both locally and globally, and that true liberty only comes from accepting this fact.


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