Bicycle project

This is the bike.

Entry 1.

A few days ago I purchased a bicycle from It was a rash and impulsive buy, and I really thought it was a bargain. I left to meet the guy selling it, knowing it was a bike I would have to fix up a little but having faith in my ability to acquire new skills. I should’ve known to pass when I saw the state of it. It’s a Repco Traveller, Australia brand only, with steel alloy frame and everything on it bottom range from late 1980s. *Enthusiastic as I am* I decided to go ahead and buy it. Only now, having done the research I should’ve done before buying it, have I realized what I’ve taken on. It is not a bike people are enthusiastic about out there, and as far as I’ve found on the BNA forum, it will be hard to get it up and running.

Nonetheless, I’m an enthusiastic and positive guy, and I’ve decided to go ahead, and at least give it a shot. I’ve found a couple (first and second) of places in addition to the BNA forum that can aid me. I will continuously put up pictures here and updated on the process, as it will be fun to look back at this time in the distant future. Perhaps even others would be interested in reading about my newbie bicycle project. In this first entry it’s only natural to include some picture of the bike. I dare say, that from my unprofessional eyes perspective it doesn’t look too bad for a 25-year-old bike.


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